Nat­u­ral Latex Top­per

Nat­u­ral latex top­pers are made with 100 per­cent organic latex. So if you want to go green and live the eco friendly life, con­sider get­ting your­self a nat­u­ral latex top­per for your bed. Even though Latex sounds like a syn­thetic mate­rial, don’t be alarmed as it is actu­ally a com­pletely organic mate­rial. Rub­ber serum or sap is har­vested from a tree in a sus­tain­able process first. Then the sap is mixed with other nat­u­ral prod­ucts and baked to make the foam which is used in the nat­u­ral latex top­pers. A latex mat­tress can offer many won­der­ful ben­e­fits, other than being green and eco friendly.

Ben­e­fit of Nat­u­ral Latex Top­per


Nat­u­ral latex top­pers are ver­sa­tile as they can be made very soft, very firm or in any other sort of options with a lay­ered and cus­tomiz­able design. Thus you can get a latex top­per that best suits your need be it to get pres­sure relief or sup­port for your shape and spine. And latex reduces motion trans­fer as well.

Allergy Proof

The nat­u­ral latex is mildew, mold and dust mite resis­tant as dust mites can’t live in an organic rub­ber mat­tress. Thus if you suf­fer from allergies you can get a nat­u­ral latex top­per to have a less con­gested sleep.

Now it’s time for some nat­u­ral latex top­per reviews.

Tuft & Needle Mat­tress Review

This mat­tress is nei­ther too soft nor too hard and it gives a uni­ver­sal com­fort which is fine tuned to make sure that your body weight is dis­trib­uted evenly. The pres­sure relief power is as good as that of mem­ory foam’s and it feels cooler than latex and mem­ory foam. Nat­u­ral latex is a win­ner when it comes to pro­vid­ing you with great com­fort and a good night’s sleep.



It is easy to get in and out of the bed when you have this mat­tress as the top­per reduces the motion trans­fer. This helps if you have a dis­turbing sleep­ing part­ner as well and don’t like wak­ing up due to their toss­ing and turn­ing when you are deep in sleep. The local­ized bounce ensures that you get that right rebound, with­out feel­ing like a quick­sand sink in.

You can get a free 100 day trial and return it for free within 100 days of the receipt of ship­ment if you don’t like the per­for­mance of the mat­tress.


  • Relief from pres­sure points.
  • Local­ized bounce reduces bounc­ing.
  • 100 day trial period.


  • Not that great for side sleep­ers.

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Sim­mons Beau­tyrest Recharge Full Size Clas­sic Plush Pil­low Top Mat­tress and Boxspring Set Review

This mat­tress comes with patented Beau­tyrest super pock­eted coil springs which provide supe­rior motion sep­a­ra­tion and back sup­port as it con­forms to the user’s body shape. If you suf­fer from back pain or shoul­der pain or in any other places in your body, this can be good option for you. The nat­u­ral latex top­per is gen­er­ally very use­ful for peo­ple suf­fer­ing from body aches and this mat­tress is no excep­tion.2-Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Full Size Classic Plush Pillow Top Mattress and Boxspring Set

The top is quilted with a 5/8 inches Pur­Foam plush so it feels smooth and comfy against the skin. There is a ½ inches Gel­Touch and ½ inches energy foam on the uphol­stery. The mat­tress is very comfy and firm due to these fea­tures. The Beau­tyEdge foam encase­ment ensures that the sleep­ing com­fort is main­tained right till the edge of the mat­tress.

The box spring foun­da­tion has a fea­ture with a frame work of spruce and welded steel ele­ments with the Power­Beam brac­ing for dura­bil­ity and sup­port. The bed frame how­ever is not included with this pack­age.


  • Advanced and patented tech­nol­ogy for pro­vid­ing supe­rior sup­port and com­fort.
  • Relief from pres­sure pains.


  • Poor deliv­ery ser­vice.

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Clas­sic Brands Cool Gel Mem­ory Foam Mat­tress Review

This mat­tress is a cool get mem­ory foam mat­tress that is good for pro­vid­ing you with a cool sleep­ing expe­ri­ence. There are refresh­ing gel par­ti­cles which are infused into the mem­ory foam inside to cre­ate a cooler and over­all plusher sleep­ing pro­duct. There is a poly gel sup­port foam layer that pro­motes cool air­flow in the sum­mer and warm air­flow in the win­ter.3-Classic Brands 12 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

The mem­ory foam mat­tress is really good for back sup­port and reliev­ing you from the pres­sure points. The mem­ory foam is soft and it con­forms to the con­tours of your body as the toss­ing and turn­ing is dimin­ished by a sig­nif­i­cant amount.

The sup­port base of the mat­tress has the effec­tive and strength of three lay­ers. The mat­tress is cov­ered with a detailed corded water­fall edge and knit­ted sides for breatha­bil­ity. There is a 4 way stretch which works with the top layer of the gel mem­ory to opti­mize the body con­tour­ing prop­er­ties of the mat­tress.


  • Cer­tiPUR – US cer­ti­fied so eco friendly.
  • Air­flow changes depend­ing on the weather for max­i­mum com­fort.
  • Opti­mized body con­tour­ing fea­ture.


  • Pretty bad smelling at the begin­ning.

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Clas­sic Brands Self-ven­ti­lat­ing Mem­ory Foam Mat­tress Review

This mat­tress is an orig­i­nal cool get pro­duct. The 10.5 inches pro­file of the mat­tress is a great com­po­nent for giv­ing you a good night’s sleep as there refresh­ing gel par­ti­cles which are infused inside the mem­ory foam to cre­ate a cooler and plusher sleep­ing atmos­phere. The cool gel mem­ory foam layer over two HD sup­port foam lay­ers are added to pro­mote air­flow. It also helps in draw­ing the heat away from the body so that you get to stay cool while you sleep.4-Classic Brands 10.5 Inch Cool Gel Self-ventilating Memory Foam Mattress,Queen

The mem­ory foam mat­tress is excel­lent when it comes to pro­vid­ing you with back sup­port as it is a nat­u­ral latex top­per. The mat­tress relieves your pres­sure point and joints and helps you in sleep­ing in a bet­ter and pain­less way. The soft mem­ory foam con­forms along with the con­tours of your body to give you proper sup­port as well. Toss­ing and turn­ing are ridicu­lously decreased thanks to this fea­ture.

The foun­da­tion to be used for this mat­tress is box spring but it is not included with the pack­age.


  • Refresh­ing gel par­ti­cles make it cooler.
  • Two lay­ers pro­mote air­flow.
  • Proper back sup­port is pro­vided.


  • Firmer than reg­u­lar ones.

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Brent­wood Home Bam­boo Mat­tress Review

This mat­tress is great for proper spinal align­ment as the 3.5 inches thick gel mem­ory foam con­forms to the shape of your body effec­tively to relieve you from the pains of the pres­sure points. The very rea­son reduce the toss­ing and turn­ing as well to provide a per­fect sleep­ing expe­ri­ence, as motion trans­fer is elim­i­nated. The cover is remov­able with a zip­per. The cover is lined with nat­u­ral New Zealand wool wicks to reg­u­late the tem­per­a­ture and absorb the mois­ture. It is nat­u­rally antimi­cro­bial to pre­vent the odor as well.5-Brentwood Home Bamboo Mattress, Gel Memory Foam, 13-Inch, Queen

The mat­tress is made with Cer­tiPUR – US cer­ti­fied foam so it is free from harm­ful heavy met­als, formalde­hyde and phtha­lates as well as flame retar­dants. No kind of flame retar­dants are used in this mat­tress so when you use them in your home, you do not need to be wary about get­ting your mat­tress caught in fire.

The mat­tress is made with medium firm­ness and is great for side, back and stom­ach sleep­ers. The mat­tress comes with a 25 years lim­ited war­ranty. The mat­tress comes pack­aged in a com­pressed and rolled in box for easy setup and ship­ping.


  • Remov­able cover.
  • Nat­u­rally antimi­cro­bial to pre­vent odor.


  • Con­di­tion dete­ri­o­rates after a while.

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Things to Look For While Buy­ing Nat­u­ral Latex Top­per

Less Is More

You should specif­i­cally look for the sim­ply designed nat­u­ral latex top­pers as this will min­i­mize the prob­lems such as shift­ing lay­ers and migra­tion of the con­tents. You should avoide the ones with cut up desig­nes or exces­sive zones.

Know What Is Where

You should buy a mat­tress that has the Dun­lop nat­u­ral latex on the bot­tom and Talalay nat­u­ral latex on the top if you are look­ing to buy a mat­tress which has mul­ti­ple lay­ers. The Dun­lop layer at the bot­tom will provide a good foun­da­tion to offer sup­port while the Talalay top layer will offer a lux­u­ri­ous smooth feel to the mat­tress.

Cover Is Impor­tant

You should get a mat­tress that comes with a cover which is breath­able. The wool blend with no chem­i­cal fire retar­dants is a good option to go for. The cov­er­ing should not be exces­sively quilted with heavy design or be exces­sively thick so that you can remain in close con­tact with the nat­u­ral latex.

Believe the Authen­tic Reviews

And take advan­tage of them. Buy your nat­u­ral latex top­per or mat­tress from a rep­utable com­pany which has enough inde­pen­dent third party reviews. This is a good way to avoid falling into the trap of buy­ing a mat­tress which turns out to be unus­able due to the qual­ity. Learn­ing from the expe­ri­ence of other users will save you the trou­ble. Some retail­ers don’t have any return pol­icy so be extra aware in doing your research if you are buy­ing from such a com­pany.


Try to buy from a seller that pro­vides you with at least 10 years war­ranty with replace­able dam­aged goods in a few years period. A rep­utable dealer will always back up their pro­duct.


The nat­u­ral latex top­per are bet­ter than any other terms of top­pers when it comes to being cooler, back sup­port­ing and dust allergy free. The organic latex is free from all sorts of bad chem­i­cals as well so it good for your health and over­all envi­ron­ment. The nat­u­ral latex top­pers can be a great choice if you want com­fort­able night’s sleep and suf­fer from back pain or in other joints. Being made with nat­u­ral latex, they are also cooler than the nor­mal mat­tresses and let you sleep peace­fully with­out wak­ing you up in the night. I hope the reviews of the men­tioned mat­tresses will come in handy in your endeavor.



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