Latex Top­per Reviews

All of us want to expe­ri­ence a good night’s sleep after a long and tir­ing day. A good mat­tress and a com­fort­able bed can help ele­vate the expe­ri­ence of sleep­ing like a baby. We live in a stress­ful life where things get bot­tled up inside dur­ing the day­time and we find it hard to fall asleep at night thanks to those feel­ings. You can try and turn things around in your way by get­ting your­self a latex mat­tress top­per which takes the over­all com­fort­ing aspects of your bed to top notch. A latex top­per can be your com­pan­ion in send­ing you to dream­land.

What is Latex Top­per

Latex top­pers or latex mat­tress top­pers are some­thing you put on over your mat­tress to alter the feel­ing of the mat­tress by mak­ing it softer or firmer. You can sleep like the dead when you have a qual­ity latex mat­tress top­per on. There are other types of mat­tress top­pers avail­able in the mar­ket but the latex kind is the most expen­sive and com­fort­ing one. A top­per should mold and con­tour accord­ing to the sleeper’s body for a pres­sure point free sleep­ing expe­ri­ence. Latex mat­tress top­pers come in sec­ond in terms of con­form­ing abil­ity. If you suf­fer from joint or back pain then a latex top­per can help you reduce it sig­nif­i­cantly.

In this later top­per reviews arti­cle, I’ll review some latex top­pers for your ben­e­fit.

Zinus Per­for­mance Plus Spring Mat­tress Review

This latex mat­tress top­per can be your per­fect part­ner for unwind­ing your­self from your wor­ries and prop­erly enjoy a good night’s sleep. The com­fort foam layer of this latex top­per is 1.5 inches and comes with a 2.5 inches high den­sity foam sup­port layer. The base layer is 7.5 inches thick to make your mat­tress firmer and softer. The base layer is seated upon a 10% indi­vid­u­ally wrapped coils to stop your mat­tress for mov­ing around. The hun­dreds of inde­pen­dent wire coils ensure that the motion trans­fer from a sleep­ing part­ner is min­i­mized. These iCoils also main­tain the cus­tomized spinal align­ment.1-Zinus 12-Inch Performance Plus - Extra Firm - Spring Mattress, King

This will give extra firm sup­port thanks to its thick­ness and the latex top­per reviews will adhere to it. The qual­ity of the foam used in this latex mat­tress top­per is high com­pared to many other com­peti­tors as the foam is cer­ti­fied by the Cer­tiPUR – US for supe­rior per­for­mance, long last­ing dura­bil­ity and high level con­tent. The later top­per comes with a 10 year lim­ited war­ranty to keep you worry free for a long time.


  • Coils adjust to the body shape which can reduce back pain.
  • Coils help in reduc­ing motion trans­fer from the sleep­ing part­ner.


  • Hard to put it back inside the pack­age due to firm­ness.

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Resort Sleep Ultra Lux­ury Gel Mem­ory Foam Mat­tress Review

This latex top­per reviews think this one is amaz­ing when it comes to give you the illu­sion of a lux­u­ri­ous hotel. The total height of the top­per is 12 inches with 2.5 inches of pre­mium air flow Visco foam on top of 1 inch of gel infused mem­ory foam with a base which is 8.5 inches thick. You can get the idea how firm and soft the entire thing is going to be from this pro­file alone. More­over, the gel mem­ory foam is breath­able so you can hope to get a com­fort­able and cool­ing sleep. The spe­cial HD foams on the other hand ensure that the sore shoul­ders, hips, feet and back are get­ting relieved from pain.Resort Sleep NEW 12-Inch Queen size Ultra Luxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Bonus Memory Foam Pillow (Queen-Size)

The knit cover is made from plus stretch mate­rial so it feels smooth against the skin. The cover is fully remov­able with an easy zip­per on, zip off design. The latex top­per is good for box springs, foun­da­tion, metal plat­form, bed­room fur­ni­ture frames, hard floor or adjustable beds. The added bonus from pur­chas­ing this latex top­per is free mem­ory foam pil­lows. The top­per comes with a 20 year war­ranty.


  • Medium plush to medium thick.
  • This top­per can be used by any­one, no mat­ter the weight.


  • Has a chem­i­cal smell.

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Olee Sleep Mem­ory Foam Inner­spring Mat­tress Review

This mat­tress is designed in a way which will sat­isfy the need for con­toured sup­port of the ver­te­brae to relieve you from the back pain. There are inde­pen­dently encased coils inside the mat­tress thanks to which it is pos­si­ble to get rid of your back pain com­pletely or at least reduce it to a sig­nif­i­cant amount. The coils are designed to con­form to the curves of our body so that the weight is dis­trib­uted equally. This in turn relieves the pres­sure points in the shoul­ders, neck, hips and back.Olee Sleep Firm Gel Infused Euro Box Innerspring Mattress OLM13SM01K, King,

Another big advan­tage of the coils that the later top­per reviews want to men­tion is that the motion dis­tur­bance of the sleep­ing part­ner is reduced thanks to them. You will not even know your part­ner is there while you sleep because of these ben­e­fit and the latex top­per reviews think that’s a huge thing. The coils are pro­tected with a multi HD and mem­ory foam lay­ers to keep it last­ing for many years. The foam lay­ers also add in pro­vid­ing with incred­i­ble com­fort and supe­rior qual­ity.


  • Con­toured sup­port from the inde­pen­dent coils.
  • Reduced motion dis­tur­bance from a sleep­ing part­ner.
  • Durable mate­rial to last through years of use.


  • Super firm and can feel rock hard to some.

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Resort Sleep NEW 12-Inch Queen size Ultra Lux­ury Gel Mem­ory Foam Mat­tress Review

This resort sleep foam mat­tress ensures that you get the best feel as you sleep. Thanks to the spe­cialty of the HD foams your pres­sure points will be relieved and you will encoun­ter less toss­ing and turn­ing as you sleep. The tar­geted areas for reliev­ing from the pres­sure points are the hops, back, feet and shoul­ders. The latex top­per reviews know that the sig­na­ture firm lay­ers of the sleep­ing mat­tress will ensure that you a get a proper good night’s sleep for the start of a pro­duc­tive day.Resort Sleep NEW 12-Inch Queen size Ultra Luxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Bonus Memory Foam Pillow (Queen-Size)

The knit cover of the mat­tress is plush and stretchy so it feels smooth against the skin and it is easy to get it off and on with a sim­ple zip­per design. It can be used over any time of bed frame for supe­rior results. The deluxe mat­tress with a 12 inches thick­ness is great for giv­ing you the feel of liv­ing in a lux­u­ri­ous hotel room. The mat­tress is nice and comfy and there is a gel infused mem­ory foam inside which keeps the sleep­ing time cool­ing and breath­able.


  • HD foams give relief from the pres­sure points.
  • Knit cover feels nice.


  • It can be too firm for the side sleep­ers.

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Con­ti­nen­tal Sleep Fifth Ave Col­lec­tion Review

This spe­cial mat­tress will give the user opti­mal back sup­port with the task of keep­ing every inch of the spine sup­ported so that you can wake up feel­ing great and start off your day on a pos­i­tive man­ner. The springs are ultra lux­u­ri­ous and there are 396 inner­spring fully encased inside the foam of the mat­tress. These foam encased springs along with a soft Euro top cush­ion is great for keep­ing you sorted through­out the night and latex top­per reviews think it’s great.Continental Sleep Fifth Ave Collection, Fully Assembled Mattress Set With 13 Soft Euro Top Orthopedic Queen Mattress and 8 Box Spring

The strong box spring allows the user to sleep on the edge of the bed com­fort­ably with­out sink­ing down. The edge is made with 3 inches high den­sity and firm foam pads on both sides. You can eas­ily work and read on your bed due to this very rea­son. The whis­per shield stops any noise of your sleep­ing part­ner toss­ing and turn­ing so that you don’t wake up from it. The non skid mate­rial of the filler cloth keeps the mat­tress firmly onto place. The mat­tress is ready to be used right out of the pack­age as the mat­tress and box spring is fully assem­bled.


  • Foam encased inner­springs for reliev­ing pres­sure points.
  • Strong box spring to keep the edges firm.


  • It makes squeaky sounds.

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Olee Sleep Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused Mem­ory Foam Review

The latex top­per reviews think this is one of the mem­ory foams which are firm and smooth thanks to the 7.5 inches thick heat treated coils. The mat­tress main­tains its firm­ness con­stantly thanks to this very rea­son. There is a 1 inch eco friendly gel cool I gel insert on the inside of the mat­tress to help you sleep and let you breathe as you sleep. The latex top­per reviews also think that despite the gel insert, the mat­tress can get quite hot and can be dis­com­fort­ing. Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress (Queen) 13SM01Q

The 1.5 inches thick soft mem­ory foam sup­ports and sur­rounds the body shape and keeps it con­toured in a shape so that you can ele­vate your back and joint pains. The 2 inches thick high den­sity foam absorbs and dis­perses the weight in an equal dis­tri­b­u­tion to make sure your body weight is fully sup­ported by the mat­tress. There is a 2 inches thick poly jacquard fab­ric with a hol­low con­ju­gated fiber as well to help in ven­ti­la­tion and let­ting the air out from the mat­tress.


  • Coils keep the mat­tress firm through­out the usage.
  • Eco friendly gel lets you breathe.
  • Weight is dis­trib­uted equally.


  • Can get very hot.

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Sig­na­ture Sleep Inde­pen­dently Encased Coil Mat­tress Review

The latex top­per reviews think that this is a truly uniquely made mat­tress as the fab­ric is made of durable bam­boo tick­ing which helps in absorbing the mois­ture by get­ting dried quickly. It also helps the body breathe as you sleep. The pil­low top is made with foam that includes a one inch thick 3 zone foam to give you a soft lower and upper body com­fort with a cen­ter that is firmer. This helps in sup­port­ing the hips and lower back.Signature Sleep Signature 13-Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, Queen. Available in Multiple Sizes

The 10 inches inde­pen­dently encased coils are good for equal weight dis­tri­b­u­tion by con­tour­ing the curves of your body and reliev­ing the pres­sure points. The foam is envi­ron­ment and health friendly as it is made with­out using any sort of PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retar­dants, mer­cury, lead or any other heavy met­als. The foam is low in VOC emis­sions and is less than 0.5 PPM which helps in improv­ing the over­all indoor air qual­ity. The mat­tress is made with­out phtha­lates as reg­u­lated by the Con­sumer Safety Pro­duct Com­mis­sion. The latex top­per reviews believe it is extremely impor­tant that you get a good qual­ity mat­tress to sleep on with­out harm­ing your body.


  • Made with bam­boo tick­ing for absorp­tion of mois­ture.
  • Foam made pil­low top for sup­port of hips and lower back.


  • Smaller than stan­dard.

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Dream­foam Bed­ding Arc­tic Dreams Cool­ing Gel Mat­tress Review

This Arc­tic Dreams 10 inches thick cool­ing gel mat­tress is made in the USA and comes with a 10 year lim­ited war­ranty from the man­u­fac­turer. The thick­ness of the mat­tress is a medium com­fort level on the scale of the man­u­fac­turer. The cool­ing gel mat­tress uses a gel infused insert foam with is super breath­able and gives you com­fort to get a qual­ity good night’s sleep that is cool­ing as well. The layer cover is .75 inches thick with a super soft quilt­ing layer. The gel foam is 3 inches thick which is made with a fast response Energex mate­rial. The Energex is like a Visco but with a bounce. The Energex serves to bridge the gap between the Visco and Latex. The poly­mer struc­ture of the Energex makes this as a supe­rior alter­na­tive to latex or springs with the out­stand­ing pres­sure relief prop­er­ties.Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 10-Inch Cooling Gel Mattress, Queen edited2

The base is made with con­vo­luted high den­sity polyurethane foam and is over 6.25 inches thick. The queen size is 60 inches by 79 inches. The latex top­per reviews agree that they run true to their size.


  • Energex mate­rial gives the ben­e­fit of Visco and Latex at once.
  • Relieves pres­sure points.
  • Gel insert is breath­able and cool­ing.


  • The edges sag after a while.

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Per­fect Cloud Ele­gance Gel-Pro Mem­ory Foam Mat­tress Review

If you want extreme lux­ury while you sleep then this is the right mat­tress for you. The gel pro mem­ory foam of the mat­tress comes with a 1 inch thick layer of HD air infused mem­ory foam on the top of a 1.5 inches thick reg­u­lar air infused mem­ory foam. The feel of the mat­tress is that of a hotel bed and the latex top­per reviews think that nearly every­one will love this bed to have a sleep on.

The third layer of this mat­tress is a 2 inches thick gel pro mem­ory foam that ensures that you get addi­tional body con­form­ing com­fort as you sleep. This mem­ory foam helps in reg­u­lat­ing the over­all sleep tem­per­a­ture as well. The mem­ory foam ensures that you get com­fort­able rest night after night.Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress -Queen Size-edited

The base of the mat­tress is made with 7.5 inches thick HD base sup­port foam to get the fine tuned sup­port for a weight­less sleep­ing expe­ri­ence. The thick layer also makes the over­all mat­tress very firm and sup­port­ive to your body weight.

The mat­tress comes with a remov­able and stretchy knit cover for easy care. It also comes with a mesh gus­set air trans­fer tech­nol­ogy for let­ting the air flow freely.



  • Will match any bed frame.
  • Is breath­able and cool­ing.


  • Sinks and doesn’t rise back.

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Things to Look For While Buy­ing Latex Top­per

Before get­ting out in the mar­ket, you should know that there are dif­fer­ences between latex top­per pads and latex top­per mat­tresses. Know­ing the dis­tinc­tive fea­tures will help you in get­ting the right latex top­per for your needs.


If you already have a mat­tress which is good enough and not ready to be thrown away right now, you can get a latex top­per pad. If you weight under 200 lbs., a 2 inches top­per pad should work fine. If you weight more than that, you should get a 3 inches top­per pad to get more sup­port depth. A nat­u­ral latex top­per mate­rial will always pre­vail over a mem­ory foam one as they get really hot while sleep­ing.

Safety Stan­dards

The best latex top­per reviews has Cer­tipur – US or any other sort of sim­i­lar stan­dards for test­ing of the foam for tox­ins and cer­tain chem­i­cals. The approved ones are made with­out mer­cury, lead or any other type of heavy mate­ri­als. They are made with­out ozone depleters, formalde­hyde and PBDE flame retar­dants as well. There is low VOC (Volatile Organic Com­pound) emis­sions for indoor air qual­ity with less than 0.5 parts per mil­lion.


To learn about the mem­ory foam options and to check their com­fort before pur­chas­ing them, you can get sam­ples from the man­u­fac­tur­ers. Eco foams tests much lower in terms of com­fort but I will not stop you if want to go green. The other types of tra­di­tional mem­ory foam are much bet­ter suited in terms of pro­vid­ing com­fort. It can be a pretty con­fus­ing and daunt­ing task to find out the com­fort of the foam mat­tress but look­ing at reviews might come in handy in this case. Try to pin­point people’s opin­ion about the firm­ness and sup­port and you should be able to get a good idea.

Top­per Pad or Mat­tress

This is not an easy one to answer. As a gen­eral rule of thumb though, you should get a top­per pad if your mat­tress is still in a good shape that is there are no indented areas or dips in the mat­tress and it is still firm and sup­port­ive. If you are look­ing for more com­fort from your oth­er­wise work­ing great mat­tress, you should con­sider get­ting a top­per pad only.

But if your mat­tress has prob­lems such as being too soft or too hard for you, has com­pressed areas or a ham­mock feel then you should con­sider get­ting an all together new mat­tress as a top­per pad will not cut these prob­lems.


The latex top­per reviews are a great source for scour­ing more facts about sev­eral reviews about latex top­per pads and mat­tresses and get an over­all clear idea about the lat­est top­per pads and mat­tresses avail­able in the mar­ket. Latex top­per pads come in a vari­ety of options but in gen­eral they tend to be very firm which provide greater sup­port in the back, shoul­ders and hips areas. So if you suf­fer from such pains and want to relive pains from those pres­sure points and your joints, you should seri­ously con­sider get­ting your­self a latex top­per. But know that the mem­ory foam options are going to be hot as you sleep so get­ting one in the sum­mer nights can be prob­lem­atic. Another thing is that since latex top­pers are gen­er­ally more expen­sive than the tra­di­tional cot­ton or feather ones, you should get one which will help in get­ting you more ben­e­fits than your cur­rent mat­tress. I hope the latex top­per reviews was able to give you some insight in that mat­ter.


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