Cool­ing Mat­tress Reviews

The cool­ing mat­tresses come with cool gel foam layer inside which is why they stay cool while you sleep by tak­ing the heat away from your body. The cool­ing fea­ture is impor­tant as cooler tem­per­a­tures are the best tem­per­a­ture to sleep at accord­ing to many experts. The cool­ing mat­tresses have cool­ing gel which acts as insu­la­tors to keep the heat closer to the body. The patented tech­nol­ogy pulls the body heat away to have the body feel a cool­ing sen­sa­tion. There are of course other ben­e­fits to using a cool­ing mat­tress as well.

Ben­e­fits of a Cool­ing Mat­tress

Other than being cool­ing to the body, there are other ben­e­fits as well. The cool­ing mat­tress reviews will talk about them in brief.

Relief from Pres­sure

The mem­ory foam is widely known for pro­vid­ing with pres­sure point relief. The cool gel top­per adds to that. When the top­per is com­pressed, the gel beads of the cool­ing gel layer make a smooth shift from the nature of the mem­ory foam to the pres­sure reliev­ing prop­er­ties of the gel.

Filler Free

There is no use of poten­tially harm­ful fillers in the cool­ing mat­tresses which can emit odor or gases. There is no sort of fillers or toxic ingre­di­ents used in the mak­ing of cool­ing mat­tresses.


The cool­ing mat­tress reviews will let you know that the closely knit tex­ture of cells in the cool­ing mat­tresses mean that they are highly resilient and good at main­tain­ing their orig­i­nal shape over the years.

Now the cool­ing mat­tress reviews will have some pro­duct reviews.

Olee Sleep Euro Box Hybrid Mem­ory Foam Inner­spring Mat­tress Review

This mat­tress comes with dif­fer­ent lay­ers and each layer is designed to provide you with a unique ben­e­fit. The 7.5 inches thick heat treated coil is good for main­tain­ing the firm­ness of the mat­tress through­out the usage. The 1.5 inches thick mem­ory foam is soft but firm enough to sup­port the body and sur­round in the body shape prop­erly.olee-sleep-euro-box-hybrid-memory-foam-innerspring-mattress-2

The cool­ing mat­tress reviews would like to add that there are 3 lay­ers of one inch each for very dif­fer­ent rea­sons. The first layer is a high den­sity foam layer to absorb and dis­perse the body weight evenly. The sec­ond layer is made with poly jacquard fab­ric and the hol­low and con­ju­gated fiber help with the ven­ti­la­tion so the mat­tress is very breath­able.  The other layer is made with mem­ory foam to adapt to the body shape and tem­per­a­ture of yours so that you can sleep peace­fully with­out hav­ing to wake up dur­ing the night.

There are coils inside which are pro­tected with multi HD and mem­ory foam lay­ers for added com­fort and supe­rior qual­ity.


  • Firm but soft and smooth feel­ing.
  • Cool­ing mat­tress that takes away the body heat.
  • Very breath­able mat­tress.


  • Doesn’t get back to the orig­i­nal shape.
 Clas­sic Brands Cool Gel Ulti­mate Plush Gel Mem­ory Foam Mat­tress Review

This mat­tress is now avail­able in a new and improved design with a water­fall style edge. The knit cover is added which has a con­trast­ing bor­der and it looks plush and sophis­ti­cated. It also comes with two free cool gel pil­lows for the queen, king and cal king sizes and one cool gel pil­low for the twin and twin XL. I think for the price range, it is a huge bar­gain. classic-brands-cool-gel-ultimate-plush-gel-memory-foam-mattress

The cool gel mem­ory foam layer is made with high den­sity foam and it pro­motes air flow and keeps the sur­face cool and refresh­ing feel­ing. The foam layer is pre­mium pres­sure reliev­ing so if you suf­fer from pres­sure point pains, this is a good mat­tress for you. The cool­ing mat­tress reviews approve of the qual­ity. There is a ortho­pe­dic sup­port layer as well to give you addi­tional sup­port in your spinal align­ment.

The mat­tress is nat­u­rally antimi­cro­bial and resis­tant to aller­gens, dust mites and mold so if you are a suf­ferer, you know you need this. The mat­tress can be used on a box spring foun­da­tion which is not included.


  • Pre­mium pres­sure relief prop­er­ties.
  • Knit cover is sleek.


  • Takes a long time to break in.

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Zinus Mem­ory Foam Mat­tress Review

This cool­ing mat­tress has a one inch thick jacquard cover, one inch respon­sive foam in patented qual­ity, 2 inches of mem­ory foam, 3 inches of com­fort foam and 5 inches of high den­sity sup­port foam as the base. The mem­ory foam is infused spe­cially with nat­u­ral green tea, char­coal with nat­u­ral plant oil for min­i­miz­ing the use of patrol based chem­i­cals. So if you are plan­ning to go green in your lifestyle, you can start right here.zinus-memory-foam-mattress2

The foam used in these cool­ing mat­tresses are Cer­tiPUR – US cer­ti­fied so you know you are get­ting a mat­tress which is free from harm­ful chem­i­cals and heavy met­als. The per­for­mance is thus of supe­rior qual­ity.

The patented com­pres­sion tech­nol­ogy is used to make the mat­tresses effi­ciently com­pressed and rolled in a box to be shipped con­ve­niently at your doorstep. All you need to do to start using it is to take it out of the pack­age. There is a 10 year lim­ited war­ranty with this mat­tress.


  • Infused with green tea, char­coal and nat­u­ral plant oils.
  • Coils give back sup­port.
  • Mat­tress is good for a cool sleep.


  • Never returns to its orig­i­nal shape.

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Mat­tress Amer­ica Revive Gel Mem­ory Foam Mat­tress Review

The mem­ory foam mat­tress is over­all 12 inches thick and it works to keep you cool at night. The mat­tress has a war­ranty of 25 years so you know they are a rep­utable com­pany as they are con­fi­dent about their qual­ity and per­for­mance. There are lay­ers in the mat­tress to give you sup­port on your back, shoul­ders and hips. They will help you in get­ting rid of your pain from the pres­sure points and joints as well.

There is a layer of 2 inches air flow sculpt­ing foam which is ideal for air­flow and sup­port. The 7 inches thick base is firm and sup­port­ive so that you don’t sink in far enough into the cool­ing mat­tress. The cool­ing mat­tress reviews will also add that this design helps in get­ting a good night’s sleep with­out much need for toss­ing and turn­ing.mattress-america-revive-gel-memory-foam-mattress2

The cover comes with an easy zip­per design so there is no need for you to flip your mat­tress back and forth to unzip the cover to wash it. You can just unzip one side of the mat­tress to pull the cover off.


  • Easy to zip on and off cover.
  • Good way for air­flow.


  • Does not get to its orig­i­nal 12 inches shape.

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Sleep Mas­ter Ultima Com­fort Euro Box Top Spring Mat­tress Review

The com­fort­ing and cus­tomized sup­port you will get from this cool­ing mat­tress is unbeat­able. The cool­ing mat­tress reviews will add that the iCoil pock­eted springs with the fiber quilted cover is great for pro­vid­ing you with the sup­port you need from a great mat­tress.

The iCoil tech­nol­ogy also ensures that the motion sep­a­ra­tion is main­tained to a con­sis­tent and com­fort­able good night’s sleep. The iCoil pock­eted tech­nol­ogy is respon­si­ble for the cus­tomized spinal align­ment as well.sleep-master-ultima-comfort-euro-box-top-spring-mattress2

The high­est qual­ity foam is cer­ti­fied by the Cer­tiPUR – US and you can expect supe­rior qual­ity, per­for­mance and con­tent from this mat­tress.

The mat­tress comes with a 10 year worry free lim­ited war­ranty. It is shipped smartly by using the com­pressed tech­nol­ogy to make the mat­tress rolled inside a box for con­ve­nience. The box should be opened within 72 hours of get­ting the deliv­ery. It will take around 48 hours to fluff back into its orig­i­nal shape.


  • iCoil pock­eted tech­nol­ogy gives supe­rior sup­port.
  • Reduced motion trans­fer.
  • Fiber quilted cover is com­fort­able.
  • Does not need any type of assem­bling.


  • Sags in the mid­dle after con­tin­u­ous use for sev­eral years.

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Things to Look For While Buy­ing a Cool­ing Mat­tress

There are a cou­ple of things to look for while mak­ing your pur­chase.


The mate­rial is impor­tant when it comes to a cool­ing mat­tress. The cool­ing mat­tress reviews can state the fact that the gel infused mem­ory foam is one of the best options to have reduced tem­per­a­ture as the body heat is taken away. The open cell foam is another good option as it allows for great air­flow. The latex top­pers are also a good option as they are less likely to cause over­heat­ing com­pared to other types of foams.

Aside from foam, down feather top­pers are another good choice.


The design of the mat­tress will affect the cool­ing prop­er­ties as well. For exam­ple, the ven­ti­lated mem­ory foam mat­tresses are more cool­ing com­pared to other types of foam mat­tresses. You should choose your mattress’s design care­fully if you want to feel cooler as you sleep.


High den­sity mem­ory foam doesn’t sink much. This makes the top­per firm and less soft but with more sup­port. Denser prod­ucts tend to retain more heat inside. In gen­eral, low den­sity foam mat­tresses will make your bed feel cooler while you sleep.


The cover should be made of high qual­ity and be soft, prefer­ably made from 100 per­cent cot­ton. A cover made with a cer­tain mate­rial can main­tain a con­sis­tent body tem­per­a­ture all night long. Pool qual­ity cov­ers can reduce the air­flow and increase the tem­per­a­ture by doing so.

Sleep­ing Posi­tion

You need to choose a cool­ing mat­tress with a thick­ness and den­sity that matches with your sleep­ing posi­tion. The side sleep­ers for exam­ple, should choose a softer and thicker mate­rial. Stom­ach sleep­ers on the other hand find a thin­ner pro­duct more com­fort­able as it pre­vents their neck being placed in an unnat­u­ral posi­tion.


The cool­ing mat­tress reviews tried to shade light on dif­fer­ent types of prop­er­ties which make the mat­tress cooler. The prop­er­ties are as such so that the mat­tresses will keep you feel­ing cool while you sleep so that you don’t have to wake up in the night with sweat all over your body. The cool­ing mat­tresses in gen­eral pro­mote air­flow as well to take away the body’s heat. They come with dif­fer­ent lay­ers to cater to this fea­ture. The cool­ing mat­tress reviews should be help­ful in giv­ing you a clearer pic­ture. I hope this arti­cle will be help­ful in mak­ing your final deci­sion.



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